Everyone has advice they like to share with the people around them. Whether it’s where to eat, what movie to see or something about roofing, advice can be valuable but it can also lead your astray. Let’s look at some of the worst roofing advice we’ve ever heard so you can avoid issues that come up when dealing with your home’s roof.

The Worst Roofing Advice We’ve Heard

It’s okay, you can wait until spring

Any roofer who tells you that you can wait until spring and better weather to do your roof doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Unless you live in a storm or snow-prone area, you can still have your roof worked on during winter. There’s gaps in storms, there’s dry weather and more, if your roofer doesn’t know how to deal with weather, they’re not worth your time.

Just put a bucket under that leak, it’ll stop

All leaks stop. Eventually. Unfortunately, it’s the time between when the leak starts and stops that causes more issues. While a bucket will help temporarily, the leak will persist until a roofer fixes it. Any roofer who doesn’t want to take the time to find and fix a leak isn’t worth your time or your checkbook.

Storm chasers will give you the best deal

Storm chasers will give you the best deal. They’ll take your money and run. While it won’t be as much as a real roof repair or replacement, you’ll still have to shell out the extra down the line with a real roofer who will get the job done.

Whether you’re family, friends or coworkers are giving you roofing advice, take it with a grain of salt. Do your own research, don’t sign on the dotted line until you feel comfortable with your roofing and make sure you’re getting the right price, service and roofing company possible.