If you live in an area of the country that’s hit by cold weather, you know what a damper it can put on just about anything you do. Whether you get rain, wind, ice or snow, you know how much this weather can ruin everything from your weekend to your commute to and from work. When it comes to roofing, cold weather can cause all sorts of issues with finishing a roof on time. Let’s look at why cold weather delays roofing projects.

Cold weather, including snow and ice, can cause all sorts of issues for roofers. First and foremost, doing construction in cold weather isn’t unheard of, it can just make it rough for roofers to focus on the task at hand while staying warm. When on a roof, you’re using safety harnasses and other gear to ensure you’re safe. When it’s cold, bundling up can interfere with some of this safety gear to make it harder to stay safe when working.

When it’s snowing, roofs can’t be worked on. In addition to the cold, depending on the type of roof repair or replacement on hand, you may have a gaping hole in your roof. If this is the case, snow will get into your home, into the space underneath a roof, and can cause long-term damage to a home. Roofers will place tarps when they think rain or snow will hit, especially during cold weather, to prevent damage to your home.

When ice forms on a roof, it can be deadly, especially for roofers. If a roofer slips on ice, even when connected to a harness, they can be injured. While harnesses will help them somewhat, they shouldn’t be on an icy roof. No one should. Ice can cause slips and falls, not just on roofs, but also on equipment, such as ladders and trucks. If ice is expected, roofers will stay at home that day to ensure their safety.

As you can see, cold weather, for a variety of safety reasons, can delay a roof from being finished. This ensures your roofer’s safety and the integrity of your roof for the project.