Gutters often get overlooked as an integral role in the roofing system. They’re just pieces of plastic or metal so what’s the big deal? Yes the gutter system on your roof is very unassuming but does play its part in making sure your roof is at its peak condition. One of the largest problems that plagues gutters is getting clogged and backed up. Let’s explore why backed up gutters are bad for your roof and house as a whole and some solutions for keeping your gutters clog free for a happy and healthy home.

Problems Caused By Backed Up Gutters

Gutters are meant to channel roof run off into specifically chosen sites. When a gutter is clogged this run off can run wild and cause the homeowner problems. The most direct effect of backed up gutters is rain and roof run off ending up all over your property. This can cause flooding in your yard, water over entryways and rain being backed up on the roof itself.

Backed up gutters can also cause damage to other portions of your roof when it does not run off correctly. The water can remain stagnant inside of the gutter and this moisture can help lead to the growth of mold and mildew. This mold and mildew can spread to the soffit or fascia or your roof making the structures rot and could lead to expensive replacement costs. In the worst case scenario the rot could spread into your interior structures and insulation.

Stagnant water can also slowly but surely finds its way into the home causing the dreaded leak. This problem will be compounded during the winter when temperatures cause the water to expand and contract.

What To Do About Clogged Gutters

All of these problems can be avoided. At the least we recommend that you clean out your gutters twice a year or if debris accumulation becomes noticeable. If you worried about the dangers there are several companies that offer to clean gutters at a reasonable rate. If you want to avoid the problem altogether there are many options available for gutter guards and shields, you just have to find the solution that best works in your particular gutter system.