Let’s say that your home has a lot of character. You want to make sure that the character and uniqueness flows through every aspect of your home all the way out to the gutter and downspout system. You’ve looked at some materials like copper gutters but found them too expensive so what next? There’s an alternative to the standard downspout that gives your home a whole new dimension and it is known as a rain chain. Let’s look at what rain chains are and their advantages and drawbacks.

What is a Rain Chain?

Rain chains are essentially a more unique alternative to traditional downspouts. They are a series of funnels and chains that drain water off of your room like a normal downspout would but with much more style. Rain chains first became popular in Japan and have slowly made their way over to the west. Water splashes and moves down the series of funnels and chains before collective in a rain barrel, basin or otherwise flowing off into an appropriate area.

Advantages of Rain Chains

The number one appeal of rain chains is their aesthetic appeal, you have active water features playing along the perimeter of your house compared to simple downspouts. They are also useful if you’d like to collect rainwater instead of letting flow into drainage areas.

They can also be a better price option compared to some premium gutter materials, this if course will depend on the material you are using and the amounts you will need.

What Types of Rain Chains are Available?

Just like gutters, there are many different options available for rain chains. You can go with simple materials like aluminum that will be economical but not provide a lot of curb appeal or you can go with a premium material like copper that will last for years and only look more beautiful with age. There are many distinct styles available such as simple funnel and chains to hand crafted and custom made flowing designs.

It is up to you to decide the complexity and materials for your own rain chain. Try an internet search to see if there are any local rain chain contractors in your area.