Having gutters installed on your home is the best way to prevent water damage along your foundation, and keep your landscaping from damage caused by heavy drip edge flows. From time to time, your gutters need to be cleaned out, and may even need to be replaced. Depending on how long they’ve been on your house, gutters can become worn and ineffective in providing the water protection needed around your home.

Proper Gutter Size is Important

Gutter installation requires some basic engineering skills in order to do it correctly. It is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure you’re getting the right materials for your home.

The size and style of your gutters is based on the square footage and design of your roof, combined with the potential for major rainfall and heavy downpours. The downpour factor is determined by weather data, and varies by region. A gutter installer who accounts for all of mother nature’s possibilities is a good sign that they know what size gutters your home needs.

Do You Need to Have Gutters Installed?

When it comes to installing or replacing gutters many struggle with whether or not they need gutters, how well they work, and deciding if it is worth the money. Depending on the amount of precipitation in your area, and the natural landscape around your home, you should be able to determine whether or not you need a gutter guard system.

They do more than just collect rainwater. Gutters are efficient at catching pine needles in forest-like areas where needle-drop is common or excessive. Your decision on whether or not to install gutter guards should be based on your location. It’s important to remember that periodic cleaning is necessary, and some designs make this process difficult for the average homeowner.

Knowing these tidbits before consulting with a professional gutter installer will lead you in the right direction, and help you decide the best gutter solution for your home.