When having your roof replaced, you may be wondering what the time table is for getting it done from start to finish. There’s several steps before and after a roof is finished that take place, including roofing material delivery. Let’s look at what you can expect when having roofing materials delivered and how you can make the process smoother for your roofer.

Expectations When Roofing Materials Are Delivered

The first thing to expect when having roofing materials delivered is that the time frame is fluid. When signing your contract with a roofer, you’ll work out a rough time frame of when your roof will be done. That time frame can be dependent on a lot things, such as the severity of the roofing issue, material availability, roofing crew schedules, weather and more. Your roofing company will do its best to start when they tell you but keep in mind, things do come up.

As for roofing material delivery, your roofing company will call you a day or two before and let you know that materials will be loaded on your roof. This means that a third party will deliver and literally load the shingles onto your roof for the roofing crew to use. Loading roofing materials makes it easier for your roofer to get started and not worry about loading the roof themselves.

When you get the call about when your roofing materials will be delivered, you’ll be asked to clear you driveway for the entire day. In most cases, since it’s a third party delivering your materials, a roofer can’t guarantee when they’ll be delivered. It’s better to clear the driveway for the day to make the process easier than cause issues with material delivery which could delay your roof getting started and finished on time.

Make sure to clear you driveway of all cars and items. As soon as the roof is loaded, you can park there again but you may consider moving your car when your roof is being worked on to avoid any damage. Work with your roofer if you have any special considerations when having roofing materials loaded for your home.