If you’ve driven around anytime, we’re sure you’ve seen a variety of roof types and wondered about them. From brightly colored to asphalt or tile, depending on the home type, certain types of roofs might be a better choice to match the aesthetic and bring functionality.

5 Types of Roofs and a Bit About Each One

Flat Roof

The flat roof is one of the most common types of rooms for commercial buildings. Whether it’s housing offices, a warehouse, or something in between, the flat roof takes the least amount of materials and can be built upon to add a garden or terrace.

Shed Roof

The shed roof, or skillion roof, is a single, slanted roof plane. It’s typically low on one side, high on the other. It’s often considered an alternative to flat roofs where drainage is a concern. You typically find this on sheds because of the odd shape and sizes that come with building them.

Gable Roof

The gable roof, or pitched roof, is the most common residential roof across North America. It has a central ridge, surrounding by two sides that slope down. This design allows for attics and other storage space, along with increased ventilation and insulation for a home or building.

Hipped Roof

The hipped roof has two short sides and two long short sides slanting from a single ridge in the center of the roof. Most of the eaves on the long and short sides shade windows, doors, and more. This helps protect your home from the elements over time. Any area prone to rainstorms will find the hipped roof a great investment for their property.

Pyramid Roof

The pyramid roof is similar to a hipped roof in functionality but uses a sharp peak rather than a flat ridge for effect. It offers the same type of protection from rain as the hipped roof type does and gives more aesthetic to certain home and building designs.

Now, you know a little bit more about some of the most popular types of roofs out there.