Spring is here which means homeowners across the Front Range are gearing up for spring projects – but have you considered your roof as a spring project? Though it’s slow for roofing companies, spring is an excellent time to repair or replace your roof. Let’s learn five unique reasons you should replace your roof in spring.

  • No Rush

Summer is roofing’s top season but not everyone likes the rushed feeling that summer brings. The longer you wait in the summer, the further back you fall in line, so homeowners feel pressured to make snap decisions. Spring is one of the slowest times for roof replacements which means you can take your time with decisions on color, style, scheduling and more.  

  • More Time with Company

A roofing consultant or production manager that is overseeing a handful of jobs at a time will have much more time to devote to your project compared to their summer work load of dozens of customers. If you want more time with your consultant and company – spring is perfect.

  • Ideal Temperatures

Spring brings the ‘goldilocks’ temperature for roof replacement. Most of winter is too cold for materials like asphalt shingles and though summer is roofing peak season, hot summer days can cause your shingles to slough. Spring bring ideal temperatures of 60-80 for most of the country, making it a great season for a reroof.

  • Efficient Process

You’ll move much more efficiently through a company from hand-in to final city inspection. In the summer the entire process can take weeks from paperwork backups, but spring always yields a more efficient roofing project. You are likely to get faster updates on your project in spring too.

  • Deliberate Crews

Summer is when roofing crews make most of their money. Admittedly crews might hurry through a job in the summer to get to the next project. That’s not to say the company will leave you with a poor job, but not always the best possible one. In the spring crews are more deliberate with their work since they know there aren’t other jobs to move onto.

These are five great reasons to replace your roof in spring but they’re many more. If you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement call your local roofing company and get your spring project on the schedule.