Having your roof repaired or replaced can be a messy experience. Tearing off truck loads of materials, trimming shingles, and opening dozens of different material boxes is going to leave plenty of debris. A roofing crew will do everything in their power to make sure everything stays tidy but a little vigilance by the homeowner certainly doesn’t hurt either. Here are some tips for making sure your property is clean after your roof is repaired or replaced.

Tips for Cleaning Your Property

A reroof will involve a lot of pounding and vibration, both of which can shake off a lot of dust in your home. You may want to check your attic and garage before the roofers make it out to your property to check for items you don’t want dust on. Crews will often not enter the interior of your home during the reroof process so covering anything you don’t want dusty should be your responsibility.

Check your home’s siding, window fixtures and other areas to make sure any roofing tar or paint did not accidentally get on them. If you do happen to find tar spots or paint marks let your roofer know immediately so they can return to the property and clean it immediately. Trying to clean these marks yourself could result in damage to your home’s exterior.

If you have the proper equipment, take a peek into your home’s gutter system. You will likely see large amounts of substrate from the shingles and this is perfectly normal. You should not see any excess material like cut up shingles, nails, trash etc. If there is a large amount of roofing debris in your gutters give your roofing contractor a call. Accumulated debris could cause gutters to clog and overflow into areas where you don’t want them to.

Always check for nails, especially around high foot traffic areas. Roofers aren’t perfect so you may find a few, if you find several roofing nails you should call the roofing company to have them come out and sweep your property of these nasty nails.

Roofers will often not enter your neighbor’s property either so check with them to make sure any excess trash and debris was contained on your property.

Taking the proper steps to clean your property before and after a reroof will be beneficial to you, your home and your neighbors. So be vigilant and make sure your roofing contractor helps take care of anything out of the ordinary.