The tin roof is embedded in American history, when people imagine a tin roof they think of the sound of falling rain beating against a tin roof or the image of a “hot tin roof.” This form of roofing is one of the older modern forms of roofing and still holds a place in the American landscape of roofing.

In this article Roofcorp will take a look at the tin roof, its advantages and drawbacks as a metal roofing material.

History of the Tin Roof

It is a very rare, if not impossible to find a roof that is literally made of 100% tin, the proper term is actually a terne or terneplate roof. Terne is an alloy traditionally composed of a little bit of tin and a lot of lead, but once lead was found to be toxic the ratio became more of a half and half ratio of tin and zinc.

This combination of materials, copper and other forms of metal roofing are commonly referred to as “tin roofing,” though sometimes that may not contain any tin at all.

They were a very popular material in the late 19th and early 20th century but development of new materials and manufacturing such as asphalt shingles led to a decline in their use.

Advantages of a Tin Roof

A tin roof or a roof made of soft metals coated with tin and zinc has a nice lifetime. Some tin roofs have been known to last more than 70 years but most have an average lifespan of 40-50 years.

Many people find tin roofs rustic appeal as a great match for their household.

Disadvantages of a Tin Roof

Tin roofs are fairly strong but won’t stand up as well to the elements as steel or aluminum roofing. Most of the corrosion and rust problems faced in metal roofing can be taken care of with the proper coatings.

It is very important to find a reputable contractor that knows the ins and outs of a metal roofing system, unfortunately a properly qualified metal roofer can usually be more expensive than your average asphalt shingle slinger.

They can be quite loud during a heavy rain or hail storm which leads to some people having to install sound dampening elements to the roofing system.

If tin roofs still sound like your ideal material, seek out a reputable company that has experience in working with this unique material and enjoy your American classic!