As a homeowner, you’d like to use as many tools and resources as possible to make sure you find a reliable company to help you out on your next roof install or repair. One of the most potent tools at your disposal is to use previous customer testimonials but these can be a mixed bag. Let’s review what you should look for when utilizing customer testimonials.

How to Use Customer Testimonials

Your first step is to make sure that reviews are looking at are unbiased. Some review companies have gotten in trouble for allowing their clients to pay extra money for more favorable reviews. You want to make sure that the reviews are coming directly from past customers with no influence from any outside organization.

Some of the best sites that encourage unbiased reviews and Google Reviews, Yelp and Yellow Pages. Company websites may have their own reviews and testimonials, these are over cherry picked for their positivity but shouldn’t be entirely discounted, take these reviews with a grain of salt. Most third party reviews sites are unbiased in general but if you see a company profile page with nothing but 100% positive reviews, something may be amiss.

As we stated before, customer review sites can be a mixed bag and that can sometimes be a bit of human nature. Let’s say a roofing company does 10 roofs perfectly and the customers are very happy. More than likely only one or two of those customers will post a positive review. If a roofing company does 10 jobs not to their highest standards those customers are more likely to vocalize their grievances. That’s why you may get a disproportionate amount of bad reviews compared to good sometimes.

There is a way to find out if these reviews are just an unlucky few or the company is showing a pattern of bad service. Try to find a middle ground in the reviews, try to ignore terrible reviews if they are few and far between and same with ridiculously positive reviews. Find customers around the middle of the pack, they most often give the most detailed reviews and list pros and cons of the company. The middle of the pack will be your most valuable resource for reviews.

Customer testimonials and reviews are just one aspect of finding your roofing contractor but are extremely valuable. Make sure you use these when looking for a roofer.