No matter how experienced the roofing crew or how many people are on the job, some roofs are just plain difficult to get done in one fell swoop. This could be for any number of reasons including a steep roof, unexpected weather coming in or a plain old large job. You may see the roofing crew scramble to wrap a tarp over the roof or you may see them do nothing expect leave and show up again the next morning. So when should roofers use tarps to cover a roof? This brief article will explain why some roofs get tarped and other don’t.

When Should Roofers Use Tarps to Cover a Roof?

Potential for Weather

Weather is the largest determining factor on whether or not roofers use tarps to cover a roof. Many residential roofing jobs can be completed in one day, this of course is assuming that the roof is not steep sloped, extraordinarily large and that the crew is made up of experienced roofers. However, not all jobs can be completed in one go, and the crew will need to return to complete everything.

At this time the crew decides whether or not they need to tarp the roof. An exposed roof, meaning that the underlayment or decking is visible, doesn’t offer the same water protection and proofing that a covered roof will. The last thing you want is to have your attic or home flood in the few hours that this portion of your home is exposed. If there is any potential for inclement weather, even a simple rain or wind, roofers will more than likely tarp the roof. This simple layer of protection will act as a temporary barrier to keep Mother Nature from entering your home.

The roofer will take a long look at the local weather forecast before deciding not to tarp a roof. If there is no chance of adverse weather coming into the area in the time it will take them to return to the roof they will often skip tarping your roof, as the decking will serve to temporarily protect your home.

There are several other factors that may help decide whether or not your roofer tarps your home. If you have any questions, simply ask the crew before they depart for the day.