Homeowners have several choices when it comes to choosing a roofing material for their home. Even when the choice has been narrowed down to a certain material, such as asphalt shingles, there are still choices to made within that particular material. Roofcorp wants to highlight a 3-Tab shingle produced by Tamko that has numerous benefits over other 3-Tab shingles, the Tamko Glass Seal.

Advantages of Tamko Glass Seal

3-Tab shingles have many advantages in themselves. They are one of the most economically sound materials and quick and painless to install. Because they are easy to produce there are usually many different color options for 3-Tab shingles as well. Those are just some of the reasons that 3-Tabs are one of the most popular roofing materials in the market.

The Tamko Glass Seal is built to be stronger than your average 3-Tab shingle. A typical 3-Tab shingle may only have a warranty of 10 years or so while the Tamko Glass Seal offers a full 20 year limited warranty. The shingle is outfitted with a special fiberglass mat to give it more strength and resistance to tears, rips and punctures and known to stand up to winds of 60 miles an hour. This is in addition to better fire and algae resistance and Glass Seal was endorsed with a Class A fire rating by Underwriter Laboratories.

If you are considering Glass Seal products you need to think about upgrading to Elite Glass Seal. These have a 25 year limited warranty and have passed inspection for Underwriter Laboratories wind tests for gusts up to 110 miles an hour making it much stronger than the typical 3-Tab shingle.

You also get the economical value of choosing a 3-Tab shingle as they are one of the most bang for your buck shingles on the market. You also have plenty of choices in color with twelve unique colors to choose from to match the exterior and character of your home.

So the next time you are talking to your roofing contractor about choosing a functional yet economical material make sure to ask them about Tamko Glass Seal products. Visit Tamko’s website to find more information on Glass Seal products.