Roofing companies across Denver and Colorado are gearing up for the coming storm and roofing season. Will your roof get busted by hail this time around? You can wait and find out or you can start the summer right by installing an impact-resistant roof before hail hits. Let’s learn why Denver residents can benefit from IR roofing and why you should install before summer.

What is Impact-Resistant Roofing?

Impact-resistant (IR) is the roofing industry’s solution to hail, wind, and other environmental foes. They were originally designed for residents in the ‘hail alley’ that runs across parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. IR roofing is built with extra protection to help absorb hail’s impact and keep your roof water tight.

What Makes Impact-Resistant Stronger?

In most cases a fiberglass insert is sandwiched between a traditional dimensional shingle to give it a boost. The materials are then third-party tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) by dropping a steel ball onto the roofing. If the IR materials pass the test, they receive a UL-2218 certification, otherwise known as a ‘Class 4′ certification. The materials have proven they can take the impact of hail and keep performing.

Not only do IR materials stand up to hail and other impacts, they are also stronger against wind and other adverse conditions common in Colorado. If you’re tired of replacing your roof and watching your insurance premiums rise every few years – it’s time to get IR roofing.

Install IR Before Hail

It’s recommended to get IR shingles installed in late March through May before the highest threats of hail appear over the front range. Spring offers shorter lines, better communication, and temperatures are optimal for IR install.

Other Benefits of IR Roofing

Insurance companies love IR roofing. Let’s be frank, insurance companies operate on the assumption that your roof won’t receive damage so when it does, the insurance company loses money. They don’t like that. Because they know an IR roof is less likely to need repair or replacement after a storm, they know they’re less likely to pay out your policy – they like that. Because of the benefits insurance companies offer insurance premium discounts to homeowners who choose IR roofs.

IR roofing comes in many colors, styles, and cuts to match any home style. IR shingles are now available in premium varieties for protection, depth, and a world-class appearance. If IR shingles are right for you pick up the phone and call your local Denver roofing contractor before you’re hit this hail season.