The Midwest sees its fair share of roofing scams, especially during hail season. Hail can be one of the most damaging weather events to occur. Not only can it damage or destroy roofs, it can break windows, crack siding and injure people caught in its wrath. In Garfield County, Oklahoma, the County Sheriff, Jerry Niles, is warning residents of fly-by-night roofers coming into town that could potentially scam homeowners.

These fly-by-night roofers come into town, trailing a storm. They know when damage is coming and they set up shop so that they can offer what seems like great prices for a better deal. Truth be told, these roofers aren’t always what they appear to be. They are happy to take a full payment upfront, start work and then they leave you hanging, leaving town before you realize what’s happened.

That’s why Sheriff Niles is warning Garfield County residents about these types of roofing scams. His department was warned by residents who were almost scammed by a series of trucks and vehicles working for Gorman’s Roofing or B. Gorman, which was emblazoned on the vehicles driving around town.

If you have roof damage or need a replacement, contact a local roofer. Don’t rely on out of town roofers to do the job for you. While some of these roofers are legitimate, why would you want to support someone who isn’t bringing money into your local economy? While the price might sound too good to be true, it probably is. This is why working with a local roofer can save you money long run.

When working with a local roofer, they can address any issues that come up long after the roof has been installed. They can also warranty your roof in the event something happens. Out of town roofers can’t do that, or won’t do that, which can cause issues down the road if something happens to your roof. You’ll have to pay another roof to come out, check it out and fix it on your behalf.