When having your roof done, different terminology is thrown at you by everyone from your salesmen to your roofers. This can be confusing and frustrating. Roofing estimates and roof inspection are two terms that are used in ways that make it seem like the same process, but they’re not. A roof estimate is when a roofer comes out, checks out your roof, and writes up an estimate of repair or replacement costs. A roof inspection is when the city comes out, inspects the roof, and deems it safe and fit for use. Let’s look at how to schedule a roof inspection.

Scheduling a Roof Inspection

Note: These are general instructions, each city will vary in how they like to have roof inspections scheduled.

If your roofer isn’t scheduling your roof inspection, be worried. When working on your roof, your roof should be following all city rules and regulations for the process, and that generally includes scheduling the inspection. While some roofers will ask you to schedule the inspection based on your scheduling, they’ll usually take the lead by getting what works for you, then setting that date up with the city if you want to be home for the process.

In most cases, the homeowner doesn’t need to be home during a roof inspection, unless it was a specialized roof repair or replacement that requires the city official to get into the attic from the inside of the home. Some roofing companies ask the homeowner to be there under contract, so it will vary roofer-to-roofer.

Once the roof inspection is scheduled, the roofing company will provide a play-by-play to the inspector, answering any questions and ensuring that everything is up to code. If the roof fails inspection, the roofer will make the necessary repairs or correct the issues, then schedule another inspection at no cost to you. If a roofer every charges you for an inspection by the city after your roof fails, this is a red flag and should be reported to the city.

If you have any questions about the roof inspection process in your city, ask your roofer or call the city to get the answers you need.