You may have decided that you have enough knowledge and are skilled enough to perform your own roof repair or replacement. We always encourage people to keep a healthy do it yourself attitude.

Sometimes figuring out the best places to gather materials for these project can be a bother. That’s why we have assembled this quick guide to help you to find a good roofing supply in Denver.

What to Look For Roofing Supply in Denver

Big Box Stores

For most people, the big box home improvement store might be their first choice. There are drawbacks and benefits to choosing these for your roofing supply needs.


Location: Whether you live in a small town or large metroplex, chances are there is a big box home improvement store relatively close to you. Having the supply close always makes for an easier job.

Pricing: Typically the big box stores have fair pricing on many different kinds of roofing material.


Customer Service: This of course depends on the location and staff present but generally home improvement stores cannot always give you the attention you might need for your roofing project. If the store is too crowded you may be waiting quite a while to get your questions answered.

Selection: Often a certain manufacturer will have domain over the big box store. If you are shopping at Home Depot they will most have GAF materials, and Owens Corning at Lowe’s. This leads to fewer options for your project.

Specialty Roofing Supply

While the big box stores do have their place, Roofcorp recommends using a specialty roofing supply store. Here are the drawbacks and benefits of a roofing supply store.


Selection: A specialty roofing store will be stocked with many different brands and companies. This makes it easier to get exactly the material you need.

Customer Service: A roofing supply store will be staffed with employees that live and breathe roofing. They will be able to give you excellent customer service and walk you through exactly what you need.


Location: If you live in a smaller area, the nearest specialty roofing store might be a long distance from you.

Price: In order to operate for a profit often times a roofing supply may need to charge more for materials than a big box. However the customer should weigh the pros and cons of choosing directly on price or customer service.

We hope this was useful for your next DIY repair or replacement!