It is that time of year again in the Rocky Mountain region where hail storms seem to be part of the daily routine. With these kinds of storms comes the potential of hail damage on roofs. Most roofing companies are in full swing and doing what they do best, finding the problem and fixing it. The influx of roofing needs also brings the scammers out in numbers to take advantage of all the damaged roofs and unsuspecting people needing work.

Unfortunately these events do occur, and one such event has happened in the area where Roofcorp Inc. calls home.

Recently the Denver / Boulder Chapter of the Better Business Bureau has received an influx of calls about one particular roofing contractor that residents complain has taken their money and vanished. As of the 18th of June, 16 individual claims have been reported and they follow the same scam.

Green Star Construction came to areas, mostly in Aurora, that were recently hit by a large hail storm. Many of the roofs in the area were in fact in need of repairs from hail damage. The houses were inspected along with  inspections by the homeowner’s insurance agencies. The homeowners were instructed by Green Star to simply turn over their insurance checks so the work could begin, but the work was never started on the homes.

Many homeowners began to call the company, but there was no answer. When authorities went to the company’s headquarters to confront them they found that the premises had been vacated.

Many of the homeowners have begun to file civil lawsuits against the company and its owner, Anthony Marquez. The problem seems to have stemmed from the owner and not the company as a whole. A former employee of Green Star feels that he was made a victim in the scam as well.  The former employee, Brent Vaughn has started his own company and is offering to repair the roofs that Green Star accepted checks from for free.

A few other companies and insurance agencies have been pitching in for the victims as well.

Green Star is currently under investigation by the Araphoe County District Attorney’s Office.