We all know the importance of having insurance. Insurance makes sure we don’t have to pay out vasts amounts of money should something go wrong in our lives. You have it for your car and your health, so shouldn’t you have the proper insurance for your roof? The condition¬†on your roof is one of the largest looked at aspects by your insurance agency when they are providing you with an overall home insurance policy. Many insurance agents would say your roof is the the most important part of your home and therefore the insurance. Let’s look at different types of insurance for your roof and what factors in to the type of policy and rates you will get.

Why Your Roofing is an Important Part of Home Insurance

As we previously stated, most insurance companies consider the roof one of if not the most important aspects of your home. This is because the roof plays an integral role in protecting your home from precipitation, wind and all sorts of natural and man made elements. Imagine the roof as your home’s helmet. This is why such a premium is placed on the condition and materials of your roof.

Factors that Play a Part in Your Roofing Insurance

A number of different factors make a difference in what type of insurance your receive on your home and roof. Think of auto insurance, rates will be better for safe and reliable cars compared to something that is more for sport. The same thinking applies to your roof. Insurance companies want to see a roof that is safe and reliable. Some of the factors will include the age of the roof, the weather in your region, the material selection and any other natural or man made occurring phenomena in your area such as wildfire. Using these, the insurance company will craft a policy that they feel is fair for both parties.

How to Make a Difference in Your Roofing Insurance

The homeowner plays a large part in making sure their roof is up to par. Try to update old roofs, fix any reoccurring problems and choose a roof material that is right for your environment. A good example is saying no to wood shakes in a wildfire prone area or yes to impact resistant shingles in a hail prone area. Remember, your reputable roofing contractor can be a major help in working with both you and your insurance company to find the perfect material for your roof.