Before you decide on putting on a new roof it is important to review the warranty information for your new material. Knowing your warranty for your roofing contractors in Denver is very important so you can know what to expect from your material and what to do if problems arise.

Roofcorp has some tips for you on what different warranties are and what they tell you about the contractor and the material. There are two types of warranties, the contractor warranty and the material warranty.

The Definition of Warranty for Roofing Contractors in Denver

Let’s get technical for a second and review the definition of a warranty.

A warranty describes the conditions under, and period during, which the vendor will repair, replace, or other compensate for, the defective item without cost to the buyer or user. Often is also delineates the rights and obligations of both parties in case of a claim or dispute. 

Now that we got that out of the way we can review the difference between a contractor’s warranty and a material warranty. 

Roofing Contractors in Denver Warranty

The contractors warranty is a warranty issued specifically by the roofing contractor themselves. This can be a guarantee from workmanship errors, or any future issues arising from the application of the product and not the product itself.

Reputable roofing contractors in Denver issue these to assure a homeowner that they will be happy with the quality of their workmanship. A homeowner may need to be careful in relying heavily on contractor warranties. According to material manufacturer GAF, the average lifespan of a roofing company is only five years.

Obviously a ten year contractor’s warranty won’t help you if the company doesn’t exist in five years. That’s why we recommend getting a contractor that’s had years of proven success and won’t go away overnight.

The Materials Warranty

This is a fixed warranty attributed by the material manufacturer. It insures against defects in the material. Typically the higher quality the material, the longer the warranty will last. Some materials come with tiered warranties, where the materials manufacturer may pay for both the material and labor.

Most material warranties will only refund the material cost. It is important to go over the fine print with your roofing salesman on both the contractor and materials warranty. This will help you relax about any issues that could arise in the future.