There are a number of factors to determine which roofing companies are the best match for your repair or replacement. One of the largest factors in determining which company you go with is price. With any large metropolitan area saturated with roofing companies how do you determine not only who is giving you the best price, but who will give you true value for that price?

Here are some determining factors to help you with price and estimates.

Roofing Companies and Estimates

Getting an Estimate

As a general rule with any kind of contracting work you should contact five companies, get bids or estimates from at least three of them, and of course utilize one for your repair or replacement. A reputable roofing company will give you a free estimate. Reputable roofing companies usually pride themselves on doing an inspection and estimate free of charge, so out of the five companies you contact in the beginning it is important that you look for companies offering free estimate.

It is important to do your research before you even contact these five companies, use third party review websites to determine if they are even worth your time. Angie’s List, Google Reviews and local review companies are good places to start. Check reviews and make sure they have a positive relationship with their customers and if there was a problem the company fixed it in a timely manner.

Have at least three companies over to your roof for an inspection and have them draw you up an estimate. Now its time to determine which of these estimates is best.

Rock Bottom Estimates

A very low estimate may seem great at first, but be wary. Some shady companies will lure you in with an extremely low estimate then raise your final price with “extra work,” or any number of invalid reasons for raising the price. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Very High Estimates

You may receive an estimate that is much higher than the others. This may not be a terrible thing as long as the contractor is confident they can get your insurance to cover it. Just like anything else a very high estimate compared to the others could mean they the company tends to overcharge.

An Estimate that’s Just Right

The key will be finding an estimate that doesn’t seem too high or low. Couple a reasonable estimate with a reputable contractor and you should get a beautiful roof done in no time!