Many people underestimate the importance of a proper roof vent and attic ventilation system. Ventilation is important in controlling factors such as moisture in the attic, energy in the home and preventing leaks and snow build up. Roofcorp will illustrate the different factors in a proper roof vent system and how they can benefit your home.

What Makes a Proper Roof Vent System?

Many homeowners think that the more vents and exhaust an attic has the better it is at ventilation. This is simply not true. The effectiveness of roof ventilation comes in the ability of the system to move air. A proper system will be outfitted with intakes and exhaust that continuously cycles air in and out of an attic. This system can use several components such as ridge cap ventilation, upblasts, dormer vents, static vents and even under eave venting.

Moisture Control

Most people know that moisture in an attic can be a real problem. Moisture can lead to mold, mildew and rot in your insulation, wood framing and even personal items stored in your attic. Excess moisture can also damage exterior parts of your roof such as flashing, shingles and underlayment. At the very worst leaks and moisture can lead to a failure in some of the critical roofing structures which can lead to very extensive and expensive repairs.

Energy Waste

A home can face large amounts of energy loss without a proper roof vent system. In the summer hot air can become trapped in the upper portions of a house and leak back into the home. This of course causes your air conditioning system to work harder and longer to keep you home cool, leading to wasted energy and high power bills.

Leak Prevention

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of ventilation when it comes to colder weather and protecting their roof from leaks. With a proper system snow and ice are less likely to build up on a roof. Snow and ice can lead to structural damage with ice dams being the worst offender. This structural damage can lead to excess moisture and leaks.  A good vent system will cycle air over snow and ice packs and cause them to melt and run off your roof faster.