It starts with a tell-tale dripping sounds or water stains in your ceiling. There’s no doubt, your roof is leaking. So who do you call? We have heard different stories of people calling everyone from their city to painters when the roof leaks and of course several people call their insurance companies but who do you really need to call when your leafs?

Who Do You Call When Your Roof Leaks?

The first call you make should be to a local roofing contractor. Yes, you may need to call your insurance company at some point and yes, you may need to call a painter to fix any paint or water stains down the road but the first call should be to your roofer.

If you know what roofing company or contractor put in the roof they should be the first call. If a roofing company installed a new roof for you recently they will already have the proper documentation for you as well as what type of warranty you have on the roof. Some companies will take care of any issues even after your warranty is expired, but that depends on the individual contractor.

How to Find a Roofer When Your Roof Leaks

If you don’t know what roofing company put on your roof you will likely need to call any local roofer but do a little homework first. You need to make sure whatever company comes out to your roof is local, licensed, insured and has already demonstrated that they are a trustworthy company through favorable reviews or registration with the Better Business Bureau.

When discussing the leak with a roofing contractor, give them as many details as you can so they have a better chance of remedying the leak the first time around. Let them know what type of roof covering you have, where you think the leak might be coming on and if there was any other recent work done on your house.

It also helps to look for a roofing contractor that will give you free estimates or quotes so you’re not taken to the cleaners for a simple roof leak. Lastly, you can also check to see if the roofing contractor can help you out with insurance claims, if they notice that the leak is a sign of something worse and you need to get your insurance involved.

No one likes it when their roof is being troublesome but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Try to find a reliable local roofing contractor to get out there to take care of the leak as soon as you can to make the process easier.