When something happens to your home outside your control, you go through your insurance company to get it taken care of. The same process occurs when something goes haywire with your roof. You have to contact your insurance company, they send an adjustor out to survey the damage, often alongside a roofer, and from there you get an estimate not only on how much it’ll cost to repair but also how much the insurance company will cover.

This can be a frustrating process, as insurance companies are often looking for ways to get out of paying claims. We’ll show you how to file a roof insurance claim with Roofcorp so you can ensure you’re spending the least out of pocket costs.

Filing Roof Insurance Claims

The first step to file any roof insurance claim is to have a roofer come out and give you an estimate. When you call a roofer, like us, we’ll send an expert out to get up on your roof and do a thorough check of its condition. From there, they’ll be able to draft up an estimate based on the damage or issues so you know how much it’s expected to cost. This will give you an idea of the overall price, along with your insurance company when you send it to them.

Once an insurance agent has the estimate, they can determine from there the best strategy to take when issuing a check, approving the repairs or forcing you to appeal a denial of claims. Our experts can help you walk through the entire process, ensuring that you’re treated fairly and can handle any issues that come your way thanks to an insurance agent or company. We’ll work directly with your insurance provider to make sure everything is taken care of the roof insurance claims process is completed to your satisfaction.

Need a free roof estimate to submit to your insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced? Contact us today for a free estimate you can rely on with Roofcorp. We’ll be there for you from start to finish, no matter how difficult your insurance company is being with your claim.