Roof moss, or algae, can be removed yourself or by hiring a professional. For many homeowners, they choose to hire a professional to take the stress off them from having to deal with roof moss. Depending on the type of algae or moss, you may find hiring someone is easier than doing it yourself, especially if you’re not sure about what you’re doing or just don’t feel comfortable heading up on your roof.

Let’s look at how to remove roof moss and when it’s time to call a professional.

Removing Roof Algae

Removing roof moss is easy. You just have to scrape it off. However, scraping is easier said than done. You have to get up on the roof, locate the moss, and scrape with as much elbow grease as you can muster. You want to make sure you get all the roof moss you can to ensure it doesn’t creep back in, and even if you get it all, it may creep back up anyway.

Now, it’s not just a matter of scraping as hard as you can to remove the moss either. You have to find the right pressure not to damage your shingles and other areas of your roof. This is manual labor at its finest. If you’re battling moss, chances are you should call a roofer regardless to ensure your shingles are right for your roof and where you live. They may be susceptible to moss and algae, and that might mean it’s time to invest in better shingles and a new roof.

There are algae resistant shingles out there that help prevent moss and build-up. They typically use copper to help combat the properties of moss spread. If you’re not sure what’s right for your roof, contact a roofer. They can come out, inspect your roof and recommend products that’ll help keep it in working condition well into the future. This is your best bet when combating roof moss, even if you attempt to remove it yourself first.