Many homeowners in the last few years have been confronted by their insurance companies about their wood roofs. Wood shingles and wood roofing systems are being phased out as the dangers that come with them concern the insurance industry. Wood roofs are more susceptible to damage and offer less fire resistance. Let’s look at how to replace wood shingles and why you should consider it.

Replacing Wood Shingles

If you’re approached by your insurance company to replace your wood shingles roof, stay calm and call a roofer. Have a roofer come out and give you an estimate on what it would cost to replace your roof and meet your insurance company’s specifications for coverage. In some cases, your insurance company will actually pay for the replacement after you put forth the deductible so don’t ignore the notice.

When you have a roofer come out, they’ll inspect your roof and see if you have any other mitigating issues. They’ll be able to give you an estimate on replacing your wood shingle roofing system and upgrade you to an asphalt shingle roofing system that’s more industry standard. From there, you can get with your insurance company to see what they will and won’t cover.

Wood shingles are slowly becoming a thing of the past as homeowners are forced to upgrade to more modern roofs. While wood shingles are beautiful and offered a way for homes to be unique and stand out, they’re slowly going the way of the dinosaur. If you’re ready to replace your wooden roofing system, a roofer can help you get started.

Replacing wood shingles and your roof in general isn’t hard to do. It’s just a matter of working with a roofer to pick the style, color and type of shingles you’ll use. From there, it’s scheduling a time for the roof to be replaced and getting the job done. Once you sign with a roofer, it shouldn’t take long to replace your wooden roofing system.