Did you know your roof can be used in all sorts of ways to help your home? You can add solar panels for energy, utilize reflective coatings to help with cooling and heat costs and more. Let’s look at whether or not your roof could benefit from a reflective roof coating.

More About Reflective Roof Coatings

There are a variety of reflective roof coatings available for asphalt-based roofs. While most roofers won’t present these options to you, it takes some research to determine what will work best for your roof type, slope and shingle. Reflective roof coatings include white polymers and reflective aluminum flakes.

Why would homeowners invest in a reflective roof coating? A flat asphalt roof can reach temperatures upwards of 200 degrees during the peak of summer. This not only heats up your home but can cause your cooling bills to skyrocket. When you utilize a reflective roof coating, it can absorb upwards of 70 percent of solar heat. This reduces your cooling costs during summer exponentially.

When paired with proper insulation and ventilation, you can reduce the overall temperature of a building by 10 degrees. This can make a huge difference in the dead of winter or peak of summer, especially if your heating and cooling costs are spiraling out of control year after year. This can help improve the cooling and heating in areas that aren’t ventilated, such as bathrooms and hallways.

When deciding to invest in a reflective roof coating, you have to decide if the cost is worth the benefits. For most homes and buildings, the answer will be yes. As more new buildings are investing in going green, reflective roof coatings are one way they can do just that and more. Whether you’re looking to save money, go green or just improve the overall quality of life in a building or home, considering this type of reflective coating is key to adding to your property.