So you have decided on a roofer, signed your contract and the roofing crew will be out soon to install your new roof. So what, as a homeowner, can you do to make sure your home is ready for this project? Roofcorp wants to give you some advice on getting your home ready for a new roof install.

Preparing Your Roof for an Install

Preparing Outside of the Home

You first want to make sure that your home is ready for the crew. This is all dependent on what the individual roofing company requires. Most companies like to have an empty driveway, clear access to the roof around the entire house and access to an outside power source.

You should have notification that a roofing crew will be on its way. Take this time to make sure your home is ready for anything that has been asked of you. Move large grills or other fixtures out of the way to make sure the roof has ample open access. Take this time to figure out any fixtures, plants or anything else that could possibly be damaged in the roofing process so you can move them out of the way or point them out to the roofing crew.

If access to power outside the home is unavailable make sure you string an extension cord to be available to the crews, often this could be out of your garage or even a kitchen window. Most roofing companies need to utilize electricity during your install.

You also need to make sure everything is ready inside the home. The tear off portion of a roof install can produce a lot of movement and vibrations. Take any valuable items off of walls or shelves if they have a chance of falling off. A crew will not be liable for these types of damages inside a home so make sure you give every room a once over to mitigate any potential damage.

Roofing can also produce some dust, especially in the garage and attic space. Cover anything inside these areas with a sheet or tarp to make sure they don’t get covered in dust or other small debris.

Take care of these items and you should have a happy crew and happy home. If you have further questions never hesitate to consult your roofing company before the job begins.