When you look at your roof, you may not realize that you’re looking at two separate pieces that come together to form it. Those two parts are the support and the outer layer. The outer layer is the weatherproofing your roof needs to withstand the elements. The support is everything from the walls of your home to attic shafts and other frames depending on the style of home. Let’s look at how both parts work together for your home.

The support for a roof generally comes from the home itself. This can be anything from the columns used throughout the house to attic support to specific structures built for the roof. It all comes down to the roof style, shape and the type of home being built. Wood homes allow for a flexible roof, giving you the shape and style you want. Once the support is place for the roof, the outer layer can be used.

The outer layer is what you see when you look at any home. These vary in size, shape, colors and materials. In fact, the outer layer of a roof can make or break a home’s look and feel. Depending on where you go in the world, roofs are made out of everything from vegetation to wood to aluminum and many building materials in between.

In America, there’s a wide variety of shingles, shakes and roofing types. Asphalt shingles are one of the most common types of outer layer you’ll see. Shingles also vary in type, color, and size, but they can be found to match most house.

When the outer layer and support come together when building a home, anything is possible. Whether you’re thinking about building a new home from the ground up, replacing your roof or going with a different look all together, Roofcorp can help!

Roofcorp carries a variety of outer layer roofing products, which you can see in our roofing galleries, too. Picking a shingle or shake type doesn’t have to be difficult, and we are there to guide you through the process. We recommend contacting us today so we can help you pick the right look for your outer layer.