There are many different types of roofing systems out there. Chances are you aren’t familiar with any of them. At least until your roof goes south. When you need a roof repaired or replaced, you learn more about roofing than you ever thought possible. While most residential roofs utilize shingles of some type, some homes and office buildings require panel roofing. Let’s look at panel roofing and what it can do for you.

More About Panel Roofing

Panel roofing is made up of relatively large sheets of roofing materials. These roofing materials can be anything from metal to plastic to fiberglass depending on the needs of the building. The biggest different between panel roofing and other roofing types is the way they look and how roofers go about installing them. Metal-based panel roofing, which is typical in commercial buildings, can last from 40 to 60 years.

Since metal is the most common type of panel roofing system, let’s look at metal panel roofing in more detail. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel and steel are the most common types of panel roofing. They are often painted and galvanized pre-install so that they not only match the building but avoid a reflective surface and are protected from corrosion, depending on the type.

Some metal roofing panels are by default Class A when it comes to fire resistance but some, like aluminum-based systems, will need to utilize additional treatments to ensure proper fire safety ratings. Metal panel roofs are environmentally friendly, lightweight, and easy to install and repair in most cases. They can be recycled when torn off for repair or replacement, making them one of the eco-friendly options available.

Panel roofing allows for my creativity when it comes to design and choices for homeowners and building owners alike. When it comes to metal panel roofing, you’re going with a solid choice for your roofing needs.