The National Roofing Contractors Association has launched a new web site built to be a resource for homeowners, consumers and commercial building owners.

The new web site is an overall consumer resource site that will have many articles and links on roofing, everyday maintenance and steps you need to take following an event or natural disaster such as a severe storm or hail. Other information includes finding reputable contractors for a roof repair or replacement.

The web site is split into different categories to best help target the different resources they have for different customers such as homeowners, building owners. The site also contains a vast roofing glossary resource for consumers and contractors alike to browse different terms. The NRCA believes that informed customers make informed decisions.

The Resources portion of the web site is a wide range of information and services to help educate homeowners and building owners about their roof systems. This includes frequently asked questions, advisory bulletins, roof system times, the importance of proper attic ventilation and how to choose a contractor. There is also a link to an online education page. The online education page is divided into a homeowner and building owner category and contains several learning modules to benefit consumers.

“Buying a roof is one of the most important decisions a homeowner will make, and consumers have a lot of choices,” said NRCA Executive Vice President William Good. “NRCA wants to ensure homeowners are able to make the best, most informed decision possible, and believe this new web site will be an important and useful tool for finding the best roofing contractors and roof systems.”

About the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

The NRCA is a trade organization founded in 1886 and is an authority in the roofing industry. The NRCA is a nonprofit that aims to represent all facets of the roofing industry including contractors, manufacturers, distributors, architects, consultants, engineers, building owners and municipality agencies.

The NRCA’s stated mission is to inform and assist the roofing industry, acts as its principal advocate and help members in serving their customers and continually strives to enhance every aspect of the roofing industry.