A Paramount Disaster Recovery Survey estimated that there are more than 3,000 roof collapses every year in the United States.

In 2002 commercial roofer Brad Beldon decided to do something about it after witnessing a nasty roof collapse at a men’s clothing store. Beldon knew it was time that roofing contractors and businesses became proactive rather than reactive in keeping these disasters from occurring.

Beldon embarked on a mission to create a cutting edge technology that would best help prevent these failures. He began consulting with technology, design and safety professionals to create an innovative solution to roof collapse.

After numerous years or research and development and testing Beldon released his new system that he dubbed Roof Monitor. Roof Monitor is system of remote sensors and controllers installed on a roofing system to monitor in real time the amount of snow, ice and rain on low slope roofing. The sensors can alert the building owner of monitoring service if action or repairs need to be taken before damage occurs.

The sensors and monitors themselves are durable, easily replaced and can work on many different styles of commercial roofing. The system will not effect the warranties on commercial roofs.

The Roof Monitor system comes with a simple web based interface as well if the building owner wants to remotely check conditions at any given time.

Roof Monitor has partnered with National Roofing Partners to market this new technology as a preventative for these roof collapses.

“By providing the ability for a building owner or property manager to proactively monitor a commercial roof, receive immediate feedback and take prompt action, this system ensures that these collapses are avoided. It is one of the most innovative products we have seen to date and are proud to represent the brand across NRP partners.” That quote comes from Dale Tyler, president of  National Roofing Partners.

Visit Roof Monitor‘s web site to learn more about this new technology.

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