You’ve done the research and came to the conclusion that metal roofing materials are the right choice for you. You like the aesthetic, their durability and longevity. Now you have another decision to make, what type of metal roofing material is the right one for your situation. Let’s review some of the more common roofing materials so you can figure out which one will be the best fit for you.

Common Metal Roofing Materials

In general metal roofing is constructed out of either aluminum, steel or copper. All of these different types have their unique properties.

Aluminum is a very common form of metal roofing. The aluminum itself is mixed with zinc and other metals to form an aluminum alloy. This alloy prevents the roofs from becoming easily rusted as well as giving it some other beneficial properties. One of the biggest advantages of aluminum is that it is extremely lightweight while still retaining a lot of its strength. Aluminum is quite energy efficient as well, they tend to reflect heat rather than absorb it which makes aluminum a good choice for regions that experience warm annual temperatures. There are a few disadvantages to aluminum as well, it is rather pricey compared to some other roofing materials and may not be as durable as steel.

Steel roofing is another popular form of metal of roofing. The biggest advantage of steel roofing is in its durability. Steel is very strong and will stand up to the most dramatic of weather conditions including hail and driving precipitation. Some the disadvantages of steel come in it’s inability to resist rust and corrosion. This largely depends on the type of coating the steel roofing receives beforehand. Like aluminum, steel is rather energy efficient but can be rather expensive to purchase and install.

Copper roofing is another popular form of metal roofing. It is very lightweight and is visually one of the most pleasing forms of metal roofing. Copper is also durable, it can last upwards of 60 years with proper maintenance. Out of the main three metal roofing materials, copper may be the loudest during rail and hailstorms so be careful if those are frequent in your region. Copper is also very expensive.

Knowing some of these drawbacks and benefits can help you decide which material is best for you.