Many people in the Denver metro as starting to consider metal roofing as an option for their new home or next renovation. You may have read other sites discussing metal roofing, but this article will cover specifically metal roofing Denver and the drawbacks and benefits of choosing metal roofing for the Denver metro.

Metal Roofing Denver and Cold Weather

It is no surprise that snow, ice and winter weather play a big factor in determining your choice of roofing in Denver. So how does metal roofing stand up to the Colorado Elements?

Metal roofing does a great job of not accumulating snow and not forming ice dams. Both of these can be damaging to a roof as they can cause leaks and structural damage and hurt the ability of a roof to vent. If you live in areas of Metro Denver with high rates of snowfall you may want to consider metal roofing as an option.

Hail Storms and Metal Roofing Denver

In the winter its all about snow and ice, but in Denver summer is all about hail storms.

This one is kind of hit or miss for metal roofing. It depends on the quality of construction and material chosen. Lighter weight and softer materials such as aluminum and tin roofing are more likely to be dented or damaged by heavy hail storms.

Steel and other thicker materials can better stand up to the pounding that a Denver metal roof is sure to receive from time to time.

One factor that people forget about with hail is the amount of noise it can produce on a roof. There are specialized sound dampening devices that can be installed on metal roofs but  hail storms can make the interior of a house with a metal roof quite noisy.

Weather Fluctuations

Temperatures can fluctuate wildly in the Denver Metro and this can affect your roofing material. Metal contracts and expands with rises and falls with temperature. This can be a problem for metal roofing if not installed properly. The metal can buckle or create gaps in the material which can lead to leaks.

The Verdict

Metal roofing is an overall good choice for roofing material in Denver due to its ability to stand up to ice and driving snow, just be certain that your roofing contractor is experienced with metal installations.