Spring brings showers, flowers, and the heralding of summer. Spring also brings plenty of new projects left over the winter. If having your roof replaced is one of those projects, can you make it happen in spring? Let’s learn the advantages and drawbacks of roofing in spring, and how to find out if spring is the right time for your roof replacement.

Advantages of Spring Roof Replacement

Light Schedule

Roofing companies often have light spring roofing schedules. Summer is the most popular season to replace your roof but if temperatures are nice – spring is perfectly optimal too. It’s much easier to choose a specific window with the light schedule of spring roofing.

Slower Work Process

Because the pipeline of work isn’t stacked, the crew will be more deliberate with your job. A crew from a reputable company will do a great job regardless but spring increases your chances of a more thorough and quality replacement.

More Communication

The slow spring season brings an added benefit of more communication with your roofing company. It’s easier for a company to quickly and efficiently answer your questions when the phone isn’t ringing off the hook from summer storms.

Disadvantages of Spring Roof Replacement

Asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material, but they can’t be installed in all conditions. Asphalt shingles require a temperature threshold around 40 degrees to properly cure and adhere. Optimal temperature isn’t always in the cards in spring which will cause delays in your project.

Your job can also be delayed due to spring’s wet weather. Early spring brings both snow and rain that can keeping falling up until May. If you need firm dates on your project’s start spring is not the time to do it.

Lastly, because summer is the most popular roofing season, companies are firing on all cylinders. Summer brings full crews, full consultant staffs, and the attitude to make your job happen quickly and efficiently. In spring some roofing companies are waking up from winter and may not be operating with a full staff.

Getting the Lowdown on Spring

There’s an easy way to tell if spring is the right time to replace your roof – just call your local roofing company. A local roofer knows the perfect time and conditions for your replacement and can let you know if you should wait or if it’s time to get moving.

It’s Springtime for Roofing

If you should replace your roof in spring depends on many factors but if you like short lines and ample communication – spring time is a great choice for most of the country. Give your local roofer a call to figure out your unique spring roofing situation.