If you’re a do-it-yourself, you’ve considered doing roof repair work yourself. Whether it’s a leak, a few broken shingles or something else, you’ve probably gone online and looked for how to do it by yourself. The real question is: Should you fix your roof yourself? Let’s look at how safe fixing your roof is and whether or not you really should attempt repairs or replacement.

Should You Fix Your Roof Yourself?

Minor repairs are often easy to do with little risk, but when it comes to working on your roof, you need to be safe. This means using safety glasses, harnesses and ensuring you have a sturdy ladder to get on you roof. Depending on the pitch of your roof, standing on it may not be safe, even with a harness. This is when you should consider calling a roofer.

Major repairs really depend on the type of issue. Sometimes you just can’t do it yourself, because you need more people. There’s a lot of technical aspects of a roof and its overall components and how they work with your home; if you’re not skilled in any of them, you may run into issues as you try and repair your roof by yourself. In this case, consulting a roofer and getting their bid is the key to a successful roof repair or replacement.

If you’re not sure whether you can do a roof repair yourself, chances are you can’t. Trust that doubt and call a roofer. They can come out, get on your roof and inspect it. From there, they can draw up a bid that explains to you what needs to happen and the timeframe it’ll take. They’ll also give you a quote so you can compare it to other roofers or choose to sign a contract with that roofer.

While there’s many things around a home you can do yourself, roofing can be hit or miss. We always recommend consulting a roofer and getting a free roof estimate before making the decision. You never know when hiring a contractor might be much better than doing it yourself until you do something wrong.