Industrial Nanotech, Inc. and Eagle Roofing products have partnered in an exclusive agreement to create ultra-premium roofing tiles.  Under the contract Eagle Products will manufacture a new line known as Eagle Platinum which will use Nanotech Inc.’s patented penetrating roof coating.

The Eagle Platinum product with Nanatech’s technology will provide many benefits. It will have excellent thermal insulation properties that will save large amounts of energy. The tiles will stay clean by resisting mold, mildew and bacteria. The tile will also have high UV blocking properties and is shown to hold on to color and appear like brand new roofing years down the line.

The CEO of Nanotech, Inc. is excited about the partnership stating, “I firmly believe that concrete roof tiles, an environmentally responsible and recyclable product with a long history of proven performance dating back to the 19th century, will continue to grow market share in the building industry as more and more consumers become aware of the exceptional aesthetics and long term durability that concrete roof tile offers. Our objective over the past 5 years was to establish a relationship with the best of the best in the roof tile manufacturing industry and combine our technology with their great product to produce an ultra-premium roof tile with exceptional performance qualities. I have no doubt that we have accomplished that objective and appreciate the opportunity to work with Eagle Roofing Products and their team of professionals.”

The first sales of the product are slated to begin in October 2014 with a regional launch in Florida.

Eagle Roofing Products is a subsidiary of Burlingame Industries. Eagle Roofing Products was founded in 1989 and is now one of North America’s largest manufacturers of tile roofing. The company’s goal is to provide the industry with environmentally friendly roofing solutions that both reduce energy costs and create curb appeal.

Nanotech, Inc. was founded in 2004 and aims to be a global nanoscience research and solutions leader. Nanotech researches and develops nano technology such as thermal insulation, energy reducing asset coatings, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and moisture resistant products. The compounds developed by Nanotech Inc, are built to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.