The residential and commercial roofing material manufacturer IKO has released a new training video on their  YouTube page.

IKO’s Marketing Director Carol Perkins stated, “The more you tell, the more you sell. We want to ensure our contractors fully understand all the competitive advantages IKO has to offer. That way, they can deliver knowledge directly to their prospects with total confidence and possibly close more sales even in the current economic climate.”

The video is hosted by IKO’s Manager of Sales and Contract Development, John DeRosa and is entitled “Selling IKO.” The video itself consists of three sections, “Who is IKO? What Sets it Apart? and What are IKO’s Product Advantages?”

The section “Who is IKO?” contains a brief history of the company including its tenure in producing roofing materials and the fact that the company has zero outside long-term debt.

In the sections, “What Set it Apart? and What are IKO’s product advantages?” The company refers to its vertical integration structure that keeps the company low cost and streamlined. IKO produces its own fiberglass, mines its own granules, crushes its own limestone and even oxidizes and weathers its own materials. This, DeRosa points out, allows IKO to have great control over the quality of the product it produces and that product remains so consistent that a contractor could match shingles produced in two different manufacturing plants.

During the video DeRosa further outlines these points and translates them into how a roofing contractor can use them to their advantage to craft a well-rounded sales presentation. He challenges contractors to watch over the video and see if they can’t use the knowledge to close more sales, he states, “Contractors have tremendous confidence in IKO products. But sometimes they need help in marketing that knowledge. This video is designed to give them the precision tools they need to help close more sales.”

You can watch the video on IKO’s YouTube page.

IKO was founded in Alberta, Canada in 1951 by roofing contractor Isidore Koschitzky. IKO entered into the US market in 1979 and currently has factories across North America. Currently the company employs 3000 people and ships products to 96 different countries.