When signing a roofing contract, you have to feel comfortable with your salesperson and roofing company. If you’re not, you’re only going to have issues working with them as the roofing process begins. Whether you’re having a roof repaired or replaced, you’ll be in contact with your roofer from start to finish. Here’s some tips and tricks for working with a roofer and ensuring the process goes smoothly for both sides.

Working with a Roofer

When working with a roofer, it’s important to understand who your contact person is for the whole process. While you can call the office and speak with anyone who answers the phone, your salesperson is probably going to be the one that has the most answers to your questions. Make them your contact point and if they need to refer you to someone else in the office, let them.

Make sure to follow any instructions the roofing company gives you before, during and after the roofing process. This can include everything from keeping the driveway clear before roofing starts to providing a power source for your roofers to being at home for material delivery. Each roofing company does things differently, so even if you’ve worked with a company in the past, make sure to follow the instructions given to you by the current company.

If there’s an issue during the roofing process, make sure to address it as soon as possible with the company. By waiting to deal with issues, you can actually cause more harm than good. Remember: Your roofer may not see the issue until it’s pointed out to them. It’s your home, you know it better than anybody else. Point it out right away to ensure it gets taken care of quickly.

When working with a roofer, it’s important to remember they’re doing a job. You don’t want to keep them busy with idle chit chat or get in the way of your roof getting finished. Work with your salesperson to ensure your roof is done right, you get the best price possible, and any issues are sorting out during the roofing process itself, not after.