Ready for some roofing disruption? Viirt, a roofing tech startup, has raised almost a million dollars in venture capital. They’re goal is simple. They want to take the technology that’s evolving everyday around us and apply it to the roofing industry. We’re already seeing other companies looking to do this, most notably by using drones to inspect and offer estimates to roofing customers and the industry.

Virrt is looking for ways to change how roofers do business and interact with customers. They currently utilize an app that can offer homeowners a complete roofing estimate within five percent accuracy in less than a minute. By using this app, Viirt wants to save homeowners money by providing them with a full estimate that’s more accurate than a roofer getting on your roof, looking around, and then crunching numbers.

Viirt believes its technology can save homeowners 20 to 30 percent by offering a more foolproof roofing estimate. When a roofer gets on your roof to give you an estimate, they can’t always anticipate issues that might occur. They can mis-measure, not see all the issues, or perhaps not get a full picture of the roof. This can lead to issues down the line where the homeowner pays more, not the roofing company.

The app is also faster than traditional roofing estimates, allowing roofers to answer your questions and work on more important issues than trying to gather the information necessary for an estimate. This saves everyone more time and money. Viirt strives to be the “Priceline of roofing,” offering quick, efficient estimates so that homeowners can quickly determine what’s the best price and offer for them.

Roofing estimates can make or break a roofing project for homeowners who might not be ready to spend the money on their roof. Estimates make it easier to see the whole picture and get the best price possible for a roof repair or flat out replacement. If apps can make the process easier for roofers as an industry, that benefit gets passed on down to the consumer.