The signs could be obvious, such as water leaking into the kitchen, but other times the signs can be more subtle. We are talking about signs that your roof is damaged. Luckily for you Roofcorp knows roofs and we know when roofs are damaged. Here are some signs that your roof may not be at its peak condition.

Signs that Your Roof is Damaged

First let’s talk about some of the more obvious signs on the exterior of the roof. It’s best to begin with a visual inspection of the roofing material to start as it may show blatant signs of damage. Look for broken or compromised materials including tears, rips, punctures, cracks and missing materials. For asphalt shingles check for bald or balding shingles. Check your gutters as well for high amounts of granules from asphalt shingles, this is a sign that the shingles are past their prime.

It’s advisable to look for any mold, mildew or rot on your roofing material, if it shows up on your roof chances are it might have found its way into the interior of your home as well. Mold and mildew are prevalent in materials with organic compounds in them such as wood shakes.

While you are up on the roof check the areas around protrusions in your roof such as a chimney or ventilation ports as these are areas likely to get leaks. Look for warped, damaged or any missing materials around these areas. If something doesn’t look right, make a note at it for a roofing inspector to look at.

After you have performed the exterior inspection its advisable to look into the interior of your home. Look for water stains on the upper floors of your house including the attic space. If there are any leaks into the interior of your home there may already be a buildup of mold or mildew as well. Flipping that around, mold or mildew is a sign that you most likely have a leak. Any sagging of your roofing structure is a sure fire sign that you need your roof repaired immediately or you could risk a collapse.

If you think your roof is in need of a repair or replacement don’t hesitate as these problems can get worse, give your local reputable roofing contractor a call.