Want to protect yourself from bad roof contractors? It comes down to trusting your gut, commonsense and making sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. We’ll give you some tips and tricks for protecting yourself from bad roof contractors and what you can do if you’ve been scammed. Read on to protect yourself from bad contractors.

Protecting Yourself From Bad Roof Contractors

From the start, you need to trust your gut. When searching for a roofing contractor, make sure you check our reviews, such as on Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and other sites. This will give you an idea of what types of issues these roofers have and what they’ve done to remedy them.

Then, before signing your contract, you want to make sure that all charges are approved through you if additional to the roof cost. This will help cut down on “extra work” that doesn’t actually need to be done that you get billed for.

Make sure to ask questions. If you’re not sure about the process, a charge, or something in between, don’t be shy. Ask your questions, if they can’t answer them, find someone who will.

Monitor the roofing work. You don’t have to stand in your driveway and stare at your roofers but check in from time to time to make sure things are getting done, your roofers are working and nothing is being missed.

When the roofing work is done, ask the roofers to walk you through what they did, especially if they worked on flashing, vents, chimneys or gutters. Any additional work should also be walked through to ensure it’s up to par and doesn’t cause issues down the line.

If you feel you’ve been scammed by a roofer, reach out to the company’s owner first. Remain calm, explain what the issue is, and see how they respond. If they don’t respond, consider contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. You’d be surprised at how quickly businesses will respond after a complaint is filed there.