Many roofers like to give you a head’s up on what to expect during your roof install. They include pointers for protecting items in your home from shaking and dust falling, on how to protect valuable plants in the tear off area. One thing that many customers can forget about it is their car. While a roofer will do everything in the power to make sure the roof job is done cleanly, even the most seasoned of roofing contractors has seen debris or other items get away from them and not land where they are supposed to, including on cars. So we have some advice on how to protect your car when your roof’s being worked on.

Protecting Your Car During a Roof Job

In the Garage

You might think that if your car is parked in the garage than you should have no worries and while for the most part this is true, strange things do happen. Usually the only thing you need to worry about in a garage is dust falling during the tear off portion of a roof install. For most people a little dust is no big deal but some homeowners may be housing a very pricey car in their garage. If you’re concerned about dust getting on your car in the garage simply cover it instead of having to wash the whole thing.

Also double check for any loose debris in the garage before moving your car, even if the roofers didn’t come near the garage, roof debris has an odd way of finding itself in weird places.

In the Driveway

If your car is normally kept in the driveway it is probably in your best interest to park it away from the home during a roof install. Roof debris can fly off causing dents or shattered windows. Our suggestion is to park your car on the street if it is a good distance from the home or asking a neighbor if you can temporarily park in their driveway.

Once again a roofer will do what they can do clean up all debris but the homeowner is also encouraged to check their surroundings. One stray roofing tack can cause a bad day for your tires.

To sum it up, protect your car if it is stuck in the garage and move it away from the roof installation when you can. Then you’ll have a beautiful new roof and a happy car.