There are several enemies to your roofing system such as wind, hail, mold and more. One prevalent enemy to your roofing system, especially if you live on colder states is ice dams. Let’s look at what ice dams are, what kind of damage they can cause and what you can do prevent them.

What Are Ice Dams?

To put it simply, ice dams are dams of ice that can form on the lower portion of your roof along gutters, eaves and other structures. They are formed when large amounts of snow and water freeze on these lower portions of the roof, creating a dam and blocking water from running off of your roof property. You can easily recognize ice dams, they are simply big blocks of ice on the lower portion of your roof and are often accompanied by icicles. Icicles may look pretty but they are often an indicator that water is not properly draining off of your roof.

What Kind of Damage Do Ice Dams Cause?

The runoff that typically drains out into your gutter system and off the roof has nowhere to go when an ice dam blocks its path so it finds the next easiest route means the water and moisture wants to go into the interior of your home. Ice dams mean leaks and excess moisture in the home, both big enemies to the homeowner. The swelling of ice may also damage other portions of your roofing system like gutters, fascia, soffit and more.

What Can I Do to Prevent Ice Dams?

The best thing you can do to prevent ice dams is to make sure your insulation and especially the roof ventilation system are built for the task of handling ice dams. A proper ventilation system will produce a continuous flow of intake and exhaust that helps to regulate the temperature of the attic and the roof itself. This regulated flow and temperature will keep ice dams from forming in the first place. If you have ice dams forming and you want to do something about it its best to contact your local roofing consultant, they will be able to expertly examine your roof and decide the best course of action.