When a windstorm hits, you may not have much time to hunker down and hope for the best. Depending on how your home is designed, what’s in the yard and more, you may have some built-in protection from wind gusts. However, your roof may not. If you’re worried about wind damage to your roof, there’s not much you can do. But there are steps to take to protect the rest of your home. Here’s some tips for your home’s safety in a windstorm.

Preparing Your Home for a Windstorm

Most windstorms last for a short period of time. If your local area is under a windstorm warning that may last longer, you may want to consider boarding up your windows. At the very least, move any valuables away from them and stay away from them yourself. If you can board up your windows, do so, but not if the storm has already started.

Make sure your exterior doors are closed and locked. If you have deadbolts, use them. If you get drafts in your home, closing the interior doors can help prevent them shattering or buckling when a strong draft slams them shut.

Make sure your garage door is secure. Many have ways to secure them further than just keeping them closed. If you have a system, use it for your garage door during the windstorm. Make sure to move your cars into your garage if possible before the storm starts. Don’t do this during the storm.

If you haven’t already anchored pictures and furniture to the walls, once the storm starts, you can’t do anything. If your area is prone to windstorms, you may consider anchoring everything for the next storm. This helps keep everything in place, especially if a window shatters and wind starts filtering into your home.

Again, if you’re aware of a windstorm coming your way, make sure to move or tie down any patio furniture. This will keep it from blowing around and potentially smashing into your home. Anything left out should be brought inside and stored until the storm has ended.

These simple tips can help prevent injury and damage to your home during a windstorm.