Unfortunately most roofers aren’t willing to lug around a giant generator to every job site to tap their own power source. Most roofing crews use pneumatic air compressors or other machines to get the roofing job done quickly and efficiently and these machines require electrical power. So where do they get the power for these machines? Chances are that the roofing crew will need to utilize a power source for your home to get the job done. You need to know how to provide a power source for roofers when your roof’s being worked on. Let’s look at the most common ways to supply power to your roofing crew and what to do in some special circumstances.

How to Provide a Power Source for your Home When Your Roof’s Being Worked On

Exterior Power Sources

Most homes, especially modern ones, have several outlets built into the exterior of the home. These are the most popular outlets for roofers as they are easy to access and are usually directly below the roof. A few days before your installation is schedule it is in your best interest to check the outlets. An exterior outlet doesn’t do much good if it isn’t working properly. Simply take a small appliance outside and plug it in to make sure they are in proper working order, then you know your roofers will have those outlets available.

No Exterior Power Sources

There are homes, especially older ones that may not include exterior power outlets. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways to provide power to the roofers. Roofers often have extension cords with them but it’s important that they have some source of power to connect these to.

One popular option is to simply string an extension cord from the interior of your garage into the driveway for roofers to connect to, other options may include stringing it from a kitchen window or out any areas that are obvious such as on porches or stoops. It doesn’t hurt to provide one or two extra power cords around different portions of the house so roofers don’t have to string extension cords all over the place.

There you have it, the power, and your roofers do too. You certainly want to use your power for good and what is better than a brand new roof?