Pigeons, and other birds, can be troublesome for any property, especially for your roof. If you never clean or perform maintenance on your roof, birds can cause all sorts of trouble from damaging shingles to leaving behind a mess. Let’s look at some humane ways to keep pigeons, and all birds, off your roof. While these methods aren’t foolproof, they can help.

Keeping Pigeons Off Your Roof

If you strictly are performing maintenance, you’ll need to clean out any sort of bird infestation every two weeks to a month. This includes debris, droppings and nests. This can be hard work especially if you aren’t comfortable with getting on your roof. You can hire companies to do this, but it may cost more than you’re willing to budget.

There’s other ways to keep pigeons, and birds, off your roof, including;

  • Screening all vents, chimneys and other open areas to keep them from building nests in areas that are safe and comfortable.
  • Using sheet metal to guard flat areas of the roof. Birds tend to hate the feeling of metal when landing.
  • Bird netting can also prevent birds from roosting in open areas and rafters.
  • Water is a quick way to shoo birds away but requires you to actively shoo birds away.
  • Pigeon traps, and other bird traps, are also a way to keep birds away but this isn’t always the most effective way since you’ll have to release the birds from the traps each day.
  • Loud noises can keep birds, rodents and other pests away. Installing a waterproof sound system on your roof is one way to use this technique.
  • Ultrasonic noises, like loud noises, can work, too but require a sophisticated system and installation process which can add up.

While poisons and chemicals can work, too, they can be harmful to birds and pigeons. If you’re looking for a humane way to deal with birds on your roof, try some of the above methods. If all else fails, call a roofer.