One of the many benefits of getting impact-resistant materials on your roof is the possibility of receiving discounts on your home insurance premium. We want to let you know why insurance companies give these discounts qualify and how to get the discount once these materials have been put on your roof.

Why Do You Get Discounts for Impact-Resistant Materials?

It’s pretty simple, a material that is rated as impact-resistant has gone through a battery of different tests by third party material testing companies to prove it can stand up to adverse weather conditions. When these materials are on your roof you are less likely to receive damage from severe weather and therefore the insurance company is much less likely to have to pay out a claim. Therefore, they offer discounts to the homeowner.

What Kind of Impact-Resistant Materials Qualify?

Generally materials labelled Class 3, Class 4, Impact-Resist, IR, FM Standard 4473 or UL Standard 2218 all fall under the umbrella of impact resistant materials and may qualify you for insurance discounts depending on your insurer.

What Companies Give Impact-Resistant These Discounts?

Different insurance companies have different policies regarding impact-resistant materials in regards to what kind of discounts they offer and most major insurers like State Farm and AllState do provide discounts for these materials. You will need to contact your insurance agent to find out their unique policies.

How Do I Qualify for This Discount?

It is often fairly easy to get these impact resistant discounts. Talk with your insurance agent to find out what materials qualify and discuss this with your roofing consultant. They can help you choose from a variety of qualifying materials and help you out during the entire insurance process. Once the material has been put on your roof it is usually just a simple piece of paper showing you got the materials to start receiving the discounts.

To sum everything up, talk to your insurance agent to find out if you qualify for impact-resistant discounts, choose a suitable impact-resistant material with your roofing consultant, have it installed then finish any necessary paper work, now you can enjoy your lower home insurance rates.