Spring has arrived in the Mile-High City which means most homeowners are shoveling off the snow and getting ready for some big home improvement projects.

One of the best improvements you can do for your home is replace your roof with something that matches your budgets and the unique needs of Colorado weather – but where do you start? There are a seemingly endless number of roofing options, but Roofcorp wants to help you weed through them with this helpful guide on choosing a roof for your Denver home.

We’ll consider budget, style, and other factors to help you get the best roof possible. Let’s get you matched up.

Style Considerations for Denver Roof

Obviously, you want the roof to accentuate your home and make it look better. Consider these style considerations for different homes:

Traditional Homes – When we say traditional homes, we mean typical craftsman or ranch styles with wood, brick, or vinyl siding and asphalt roof. There are many great options to match the style of a traditional home including:

  • Dimensional asphalt shingles – Covers approximately 75% of Denver homes. Affordable with tons of variety.
  • Impact-resistant shingles – Defend your home against Colorado’s notorious hailstorms.
  • Triple-laminate shingles – Unmatched depth, developed to mimic wood shake.
  • Stone-coated tile – Expensive but tough as nails.

Stucco / Manor Homes – If you need a shingle with a lot of style for your stately home consider:

  • Concrete or Clay Tile – Ideal material to match stucco and adobe style homes.
  • Slate – Among the most expensive roofing materials but looks great.
  • Triple Laminate Shingles – Can mimic wood shake or slate.

Cabin / Rustic Home – If your home has a rustic or woodsy feel, you want a shingle to match. For those looking to connect their roof to nature look to:

  • Dimensional Asphalt – Can mimic wood shake or tile without the cost.
  • Stone-Coated tile – A premium roofing material made of metal tiles coated in stone aggregate. Ultra-strong and can mimic wood shake and other materials.

Budget Considerations for Denver Roof

For most homeowners, the bottom line is the biggest consideration, but you need to make wise choices that accounts for initial budget, serviceable life, and other possible money considerations like insurance premium discounts. The right shingle for your budget is not always the cheapest, but the right balance between budget and other benefits.

Meeting with a roofing expert can help you make your choice but for starters consider these low to high budget options.

Low-Budget Roofing Options – Low-budget options are popular for rental housing, fix and flips, and other options where you only need a new roof to get the job done. However most low-budget roofing options are ripped to shreds after the first hailstorm. Be advised that though these following materials are cheap, they come with the worst warranties:

  • 3-Tab Asphalt Shingle – Only a couple decades ago 3-tab asphalt shingles were industry standard but have since fallen out of favor to dimensional shingles. 3-Tab shingles aren’t very durable, and their uniform cut isn’t as aesthetically pleasing for most homeowners.
  • Builder Grade Dimensional Shingle – Dimensional shingles are two shingles sandwiched together compared to the one of 3-tab, but they’re much lower quality than other dimensional shingles.

Best Value – Most homeowners like the idea of a great roofing shingle at a great price, so let’s learn the best combinations of budget and value.

  • Dimensional Asphalt Shingles – The most popular roofing style in the U.S.A. Popular for its combination of affordability, options, and warranty.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles – A tad more expensive than traditional dimensional shingles but can defend your home against hail and earn you insurance premium discounts.

High Value Roofing Options

Do you want the best roof possible? Do you want it to defend your home against hail and look great for decades? If you won’t accept nothing but the best for your roof, check out these premium options.

  • Stone Coated Tile – One of the toughest forms of roofing available in Colorado. Most come with 50-year warranties and will be the last roof you put on.
  • TL Shingles – Most TL shingles come with warranties 50 years or greater.
  • Concrete Tile – Popular for adobe style and southwest homes.

HOA Considerations for Denver Roof

If your home is part of an HOA, you’ll have to take certain steps before replacing your roof. Many HOAs have a limited number of styles, brands, and colors in their neighborhood so you want to make sure you’re choosing compliant roofing.

Ask your HOA for a pre-approved materials list to see your possible selection or talk to design committees about next steps. HOAs move notoriously slowly so if you’re ready for a reroof start the HOA process right away.

Speak with a Roofing Expert

There are many common themes in roofing but the best way to choose roofing for your home is by meeting with a Roofcorp expert. We’ve been roofing in the Denver metro for over 20 years and know the unique needs and budgets of our local customers. You can work directly with Roofcorp to choose a roofing material that will match your style, strength, and budgetary needs.

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