Checking for Hail Damage

If you live in the Denver metro or the Pikes Peak region, you may have recently been affected by large-
scale hail storms. Large hail can total roofs, siding, and your windshield, leaving you to pickup the pieces.
You have probably heard not to call your insurance agent unless you’re certain you have a claim, but
how do you know if you have damage or not? Let’s look for some common hail symptoms and what you
can to do to be certain you’re covered.

How to Spot Hail

If you weren’t home during the hail storm, you won’t know how bad the damage was but there are
other signs you can look for once the storm is passed.


You can tell if you’ve been struck by damaging hail by looking at your shingles. Hail leaves a dent on your
shingle and peels up the shingle granules, leaving a black spot on the roof. If you spot several black
marks and spots that weren’t there before – you’re looking at hail damage. There must be a certain
number of hail ‘hits’ per one hundred square feet of roofing to warrant a claim. If you see large amounts
of granules in your gutters after the storm – you likely have substantial damage.

Gutters and Downspouts

Check your downspouts and gutters. If you spot several hits and dents, you are likely looking at a loss. If
the hail was strong enough to make a lasting impact on your roof, it will likely make an impact on your
roof’s drainage system as well. Check the bottom of your downspouts for large amounts of granules
which is an indicator of a compromised roofing system.

Call a Roofer

Your insurance agent or a field adjuster will likely charge a claim to the policy if they check your roof for
damage – even if there isn’t any. This isn’t good for your policy but luckily a local, reputable roofing
company will give your roof a hail-check free-of-charge. Hire a roofing company that works directly with
your insurance company for the biggest benefits. The roofer can verify if your damage substantiates a
claim and help you through the claims process as the company to ultimately replace your roof. You can
kill three birds with one stone by hiring a reputable roofing company that works with insurance claims.
If you’ve been hit with hail you want to be sure you have damage before calling your insurance agent.

Check shingles, gutters, and call a local roofing company for a professional eye. If you have substantial
damage you can hire the same roofer to take care of your replacement and aid you through the
insurance process.